Thursday, June 27, 2013

Frames - Photography is the Art of Being Prepared to be Lucky

Maya by Pini Hamou via 1x
Desert waves by Sasa Huzjak via 1x

Day dreamers by Ricky Siegers via 1x
 by Ryan Brenizer via 500px
"Underground bike race" by Cristian Vasile via 500px
Beauty and the beast by Samanta via 1x
Picture in picture by Oliver Merce via 1x
"Tale Of A Terminal : Window Shopping" by Rahat Amin via 500px
Cease-fire by Tomer Eliash via 1x
"Richard Fert " by Xabi Barreneche via 500px
The man on Bir-Hakeim by Frederic Baque via 1x

Favorite Places and Spaces - Zhangjiajie (the "Avatar")

by Weerapong Chaipuck via 500px

Monday, June 24, 2013

Pic of the day - 3D Ship Drawn by Ramon Bruin

Artist Ramon Bruin recently drew this fun anamorphic illusion that appears to be a 3D ship but is actually a skewed drawing on three sheets of flat paper.

via colossal
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