Thursday, March 28, 2013

Can You Spot the LEGO Sculptures Hidden Within the Scenes?

"In Pieces" is a seemingly ordinary photo series that, in fact, incorporates LEGO objects that go unnoticed. Sculptor Nathan Sawaya and photographer Dean West joined forces for this creative multimedia project, each applying their area of expertise to produce a set of deceptive images that lead the viewer's gaze to wander in search of fabricated objects or subjects.

Nathan Sawaya explains:
"Aussie photographer Dean West and I banded together and dreamed up a series of large-scale images that combine his award-winning photography with my life-sized LEGO statuary. We spent two years traveling North America scouting for locations that would be visually ideal for the story we wanted to tell about culture, society and specifically identity. UMBRELLA (pictured above) is one of the seven images in the series. As with the other six representations in the collection (not pictured), UMBRELLA compels the viewer to deconstruct each tableau, thereby exposing elements of the scene construction, revealing the one-of-a-kind LEGO sculpture hidden within and identifying the cultural significance as well."

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