Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Li Wei | Defying Gravity

Li Wei's surreal photos are pieces of art that prove that the impossible can be possible. How does he do it? The images are not photoshopped, instead, he uses a mixture of props such as metal wires, mirrors, scaffolding, cleverly positioned cameras and good old fashioned acrobatics. The staged scenes are later doctored in Photoshop to appear as if his subjects (often himself and one or a few accomplices) float and fly in ways our natural laws do not permit. Wei's visual trickery results in arresting, dream-like, images that abstract the process that precede them. It's an illusion that's easy to fall into. They're likely to get a laugh out of you too. Some of his photos sell for around USD $8,000.
 via huckberry

>>check out for more on Li Wei's website

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