Friday, June 22, 2012

Windy days

via Boston 
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"And a mighty gust of wind it was" by Vanessa Paxton via 500px
Californian Coast, via National Geographic
by David William Reeve via Lauder's Apartment
Colorful laundry on a windy day at Pigeon Point via Art Flakes
"A women sits on a dock on a windy day with a storm in the distance" via National Geographic
"American  Robin in a cold windy day" via flickr

"The beach in Empire, Michigan on a windy summer day" via National Geographic

"John Pettine, hauls in this kitesurfing kite under heavy winds along Pacific Beach in San Diego" via Boston

"A Indian Hindu pilgrim holds up saris in the wind" via Boston

"Milkseed caught in the wind at Cuba Marsh" via flickr

via Boston

"Anual Kite Festival at Columbia Point Marina Park in Richland" via Boston

via Boston
Picalls - Windy day 1024x768

Children from Pakistan´s Mohmand tribal region shelter themselves from a sandstorm on the outskirts of  Islamabad via Boston

Scottish Highlands via stumble
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"Windy morning by Thomas Jensen" via 500px

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