Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Products I Love - J&B Whisky in Tattooed Bottles

"J&B Whisky opened its barrels around the same time that tattooing emerged in England. Soon embraced by sailors in the royal navy, European tattooing and J&B grew to popularity together. Paying homage to the company’s beginnings, J&B has released a limited edition run of twenty-five tattooed bottles of their Rare Scotch Blend Whisky. The bottles were inked by Sébastien Mathieu of Le Sphinx, an esteemed parlor in Paris. The finished pieces are the color of pale skin and bear full-color tattoos, each of which took approximately twenty hours to complete. The unique designs are displayed in black wooden boxes stained with similar iconography and are currently on display at both Publicis Drugstore and L’éclaireur Rue Herold in Paris."

the outside of the J&B whiskey bottles were tattooed onto by le sphinx in paris

view showing work in progress on the front of a bottle

the collection of 25 uniquely designed bottles

the customized box open at l’eclaireur store

the bottles installed at l’eclaireur store

detail view of the silkscreen wooden boxes

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