Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More than objects.. subjects

This is a selection of some of my favorite products. Some of the coolest and strange stuff that you can find online, but certainly one sure way to raise a few eyebrows in the office. My advice: express your creativity!!

A kind of umbrella: Nubrella  and Samurai Umbrella
Hairdryer gun - Certainly a different away to dry your hair!
Probably, the best clock ever. It´s so me!
Ridiculous but weirdly cool, vintage inspired phone and Pig USB

Jeeve's and Wooster's pendant lights

Fantastic...yet awkward... luggage 

Freaking awesome! Cards and Book Case

I need a Nest Rest in my life. How about you? ;)


  1. Queria tudo! Guarda chuva, relógio, teclas, tudo! :D

  2. lol, eu também ;) não me importava nada xD


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