Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pic of the day - Don't Go!

Annecy 2010 Animation Film Festival Special Distinction Award and Junior Jury Award for a short film winner
Don't Go!!!
<3 Eu adoooro gatos! E este video é sobre isso mesmo, sobre o que os nossos bichinhos fazem quando não estamos em casa.. Então aqui fica esta animação de Anima Istambul ao som da música Don't Go dos Yazoo. Espero que gostem ;) 

"There are things that you cannot see even with your eyes wide open and sometimes these are a cat’s best friends. So goes the tagline on this great short animated film by Anima Istanbul.

The animation is very cleverly made with the cat’s escapades chasing its little pink friend very well, almost seamlessly done and there is a cheeky sense of humor at work here too." (via  kuriositas)

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